Oat Milk

Unigrain is pleased to announce the construction of an oat milk facility at their oat cereal and pulse ingredient production site at Smeaton, Victoria.

Plant based milk demand drives Unigrain oat milk investment

The facility once complete will produce a fresh oat milk base capable of broad supply across the Australian market. The oat base produced through the enzymatic treatment of oat flour, is the core ingredient in the production of all oat milk formulations.

The facility will be the first of its kind in Australia to fully integrate oat processing and oat milk base production, creating the most efficient, scalable and sustainable supply chain in the region. The plant is designed to support the production of over 50 million litres of oat milk per year, with the intention to continue expanding capacity on the site as the oat milk market continues its rapid development.

Oat milk has become the fastest growing non-dairy milk

“Consumers are increasingly looking to non-dairy milk based options, and oat milk has quickly become the fastest growing drink in this category. Relative to existing plant based options, oats are more sustainably grown, and produce a non-allergen milk that is superior in taste and with a stronger nutritional profile”, stated Co-CEO Fiona May.

Co-CEO Andrew May stated that, “There is great potential for Australia to produce high quality oat milk from locally grown oats, particularly in an environment where sustainability and provenance are becoming increasingly valued by consumers. Our investment continues our commitment and strategy to drive access to high quality, nutritious and locally grown plant based ingredients.”

“Coupled with the current construction of our pulse protein facility at Smeaton, our confidence in the long term trend towards the consumption of both plant based foods and beverages remains very strong”, stated Co-CEO Fiona May.

Construction of the facility is set to commence in late 2022 with full scale production to be underway in 2023.

For further information, please contact any one of the following:

Andrew May – Co-CEO
+61 418 352 506 / amay@unigrain.com.au

Fiona May – Co-CEO
+61 428 114 163 / fmay@unigrain.com.au