Oat Milk

Consumers are increasingly looking to non-dairy milk based options, and oat milk is quickly becoming the market leader. Oat milk has a great taste, a highly nutritious profile and performs well across a range of traditional milk based applications.

Oats also have the benefit of being an inherently sustainable crop to grow, particularly when compared to traditional plant based milk offerings.

Our oat milk base is produced from oats directly sourced from our local and long term oat grower partners. Our facility is the first of its kind to take oats all the way from farm gate through to oat milk, creating a supply chain that places a strong emphasis on efficiency, provenance and sustainability.

Product Info

Our fresh oat milk base is produced through the enzymatic treatment of locally grown and processed oat flour. The base is supplied as a fresh chilled product and acts as the core raw ingredient to manufacturers of oat milk based products.

  • Total solids content: 20-25%
  • Heat treatment: Product pasteurised for shelf life of up to 5 days
  • Delivery: Bulk tanker or IBC format (within Australia)

Our system is designed to allow for maximum processing flexibility, providing the opportunity for us to develop highly tailored treatment parameters (including enzyme choices and heat treatment procedures) to suit your specific product development needs.
Our unique capability and supply chain can help support your development across a range of oat based products, including oat milk, oat yoghurt and frozen oat applications.